How to install Elementor Pro’s demos

Elementor Pro must be most valued by its beautiful demos which, unfortunately, require purchase license. It can be nulled in the previous versions but since 1.13 we can’t just import Pro demos in Elementor editor screen.

In this post, I won’t show you how to null the plugin, because we can’t. Instead I’ll show you how to install the Pro demos, which is unknown to many Elementor Pro users. It’s pretty simple and takes like 5 minutes to accomplish.

Firstly, download and unzip the most recent Pro templates here: Link

Secondly, go to Elementor Library and start importing the templates into your WordPress site.

Now in your Elementor template library, there’ll be Pro demos. This is not the best way to install them but it’s the only way. We’ll have to wait for Elementor 2 to figure out how to install the Pro demos more easily.

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