4 of the Most Annoying Problems with WordPress

  1. Inconsistent Backend
    Due to the many customization options available, the backend of each individual WordPress site is often extremely different.
  2. Needs Customization
    A great deal of customization offers you the Word Press but main reason for this is because the core product is extremely minimal.
    A basic WordPress site consists of a number of themes which you can use to create different types of web pages. On the backend, these themes resemble a standard word document, and you are able to set the URL, meta description, and page title that appears in search engines.
    For one, many of these plugins can be costly, and paying a steep price tag for a single feature can be aggravating – to say the least.
  3. Security Issues
    WordPress uses an open source structure for many aspects of the site, meaning that programmers can access the page’s source code to see how it works, adapt it based on their needs, and share their code online with one another.

This can also be viewed as a positive aspect as it saves the time of the developer that they can inpute it with already written code into their website.

4.Can Come With a Steep Learning Curve
The greatest thing about this word press is that anyoune without basic knowledge can build their own site .t’s not uncommon for custom layouts in WordPress to have pages that are entirely hard coded, so even if you have a developer build the page, it can present significant difficulties for non-technical individuals to make simple edits. With this in mind, if you want more advanced customization options, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of different code languages.

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