4 Must-Have Social Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

1.Digg Digg

The digg digg plugin helps you incorporate all of your social sharing buttons into a customizable bar that sits on the top or side of each blog post for easy sharing.
This plugin helps you if you want to display or you want a floating sidebar or a top bar.

2.Facebook Social Plugins

You dont mess with facebook and you cant argue that facebook isnt the real thing because you cant argue with over 500 milion daily users , the facebook uses daily updates every single day so you cant have every one of them, you have some of them like the option ‘like’ but the other that are updated every single day you can have them at the site Facebook social plugins from facebook.com

3.Photo Dropper

It is so much important to create visually appealing content for your blog has become increasingly important, especially now with the advent of Pinterest. Photo Dropper is a free plugin that aggregates creative commons images and makes them available to you from directly within your WordPress dashboard.


InboundWriter is a social writing application that analyzes sample copy against websites you’ve chosen, and recommends relevant keywords for you to focus on. You might also go back to your most popular posts and re-work them using InboundWriter. You may be pleasantly surprised with the SEO results. While plugins can provide an easy way to customize your site, it’s important to be careful about which ones you install as too many social plugins can slow down your site and make you more vulnerable to hackers.

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